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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

8 common problems when using Netflix, and how you can solve them

Millions of people follow the series of Netflix movies and movies for the fastest streaming platform, but sometimes users experience problems that vary depending on the device they're using.

In this subject, we tell you about the most common problems of Netflix and how they can be solved, according to the BBC Mundo website:
1. Content takes a long time to load

Now that the content is high definition and the 4K display resolution is the most common on Netflix, some users may have problems, because uploading clips of this quality takes a long time.

If your Internet connection is not strong enough to use Netflix with this quality, you can adjust the data in Auto-use settings, providing the highest possible quality according to the connection speed.
2. You can not download serials or movies

Make sure you update your Netflix application to the latest version, and do the same with your device.

 To download series or movies you must have:

    Internet connection.
    An account is running on Netflix.
    IPhone or iPad device running iOS 9.0 or higher.
    A phone or tablet running Android 4.4.2 or higher.
    Amazon Fire PC with Fire OS 4.0 or later.
    A tablet or computer running Windows 10 1607 or later.
    The latest version of Netflix for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, or Windows 10.

3. Movies or serials do not appear in the search list

If you travel outside your country, you may find that the series you're watching is not available, because the platform restricts access to its programming based on the country your account is linked to.

To connect from your country While abroad, you can use the VPN.

When looking for content, consider the following:

    When you search for a movie or series and you do not find it available, the platform will suggest similar things you might like.

    If you use many search criteria, Netflix will offer reps, types of work, or directors that are relevant to your search criteria.
    Sometimes Netflix displays a search string or a movie that does not have a play button, because it is not yet available.

4. You can not sign in

If you are unable to sign in to your Netflix account, it is usually due to an incomplete previous sign-in attempt, or because there is an inactive account information stored on your device.

In this link to the Netflix Help page, you can see the specific steps to follow to resolve the problem depending on the device you are using.
5. Black screen with or without sound

If you see a black screen without a sound, there are several possibilities.

You can go back to the previous page and try to play the serial or movie again, and another option might solve the problem; it is clearing your cache or deleting Netflix cookies.

If you use Google Chrome you can disable plugins / extensions.

If you encounter this problem on your iPhone or iPad, Netflix recommends reinstalling the application or restarting your device.

To see all Netflix recommendations according to the device you're using, click this link.

If the screen is black and there is sound, you can see here the network tips according to your device.
6. Holidays 1011 and 1012

These crashes appear in the iOS or Android app versions of mobile devices, which can often be fixed by restarting the Netflix application or clearing the cache.
7. Disruption 1016

If you find fault code 1016 on your iPhone or iPad, this usually indicates a problem with your Internet connection, according to Netflix.

This may be due to wireless interruptions or a DNS problem.

What you need to do is restart the wireless network, restart the device, or connect it to another network to exclude network settings issues.
8. Error 12001

This failure for Android users indicates that you need to update a portion of the information stored on your device, and to fix it, Netflix recommends the following:

    Restart your mobile phone or tablet.
    Clear the application data.
    Try another Internet connection.

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