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Saturday, April 20, 2019

The main projects of the Kick Starter for March 2019

As usual, the Cake Starter platform offers us every month with many projects in many areas, including those that develop our lives through technical products, which may be innovative ideas or solutions to the problems we face in our products. Here and through this report, we show you some The technical projects that started in March, and succeeded in obtaining funding, are ours.
1. Device converts your smartphone into a real laptop

There are no doubt that smart phones are becoming more sophisticated, some of them are similar in physical specifications to personal laptops, especially in the processor and random memory (RAM), and here comes the device to turn your phone into a real laptop.

The problem with phones is the small size, the small screen and the virtual keyboard that do not help the speed of writing. So some people use the laptop to do their work, not because of the phone, but because of the screen and the keyboard. Laptop, yes that's what this NexDock product does.

This device is not a real laptop, it does not contain a processor or memory, nor an operating system, it is totally dependent on the phone, you connect the phone through the appropriate USB connection, then use your phone and its applications and files through the large device and the normal keyboard.

This device works with phones that provide only the desktop mode, which is the property available in modern devices (eg in Samsung S8 and Galaxy S8 and later, in Note 8 and beyond).

The price of the device started at $ 180, and the current price is between $ 210 and $ 230, and the product was available until 20 April 2019.
2. Electronic reader and tablet at the same time

We know e-ink in e-book readers (such as Kindle, Cobo, etc.), but this new tablet (called "E-PAD") offers more than just reading. The paper can also be used for drawing and styling via the smart pen, also you can browse the web through it and send and receive emails and other office tasks.

The device works on Android, connects wirelessly via Wi-Fi or via 4G via a communications chip port, 32 GB of storage (can be increased to 64), 2GB of RAM (up to 4), 10.3 "screen size and 4100mAh.

The price of the device ranges between $ 450 and $ 500 depending on precedence and quality, and the project is open until 25 April 2019.
3. Electronic fly flies and controls remotely

If you like the Drones just to enjoy it without the need for aerial photography, it might be more suitable for you, especially since the Drones are banned in many Arab countries because of their ability to shoot. The plane does not have a camera , Are for fun only.

This product, called MetaFly, is a small, remote controlled industrial aircraft that is flexible enough to receive many shocks. Two wings are used to simulate the work of real bird wings, which can be controlled by the private device and used indoors or outdoors, Meters and the battery lasts for eight minutes of flight, or speed up to 18 kilometers per hour.

The price is between $ 78 and $ 112, and the project is available until May 2, 2019.
4. Wireless earphone (three in one)

It is almost a month without a wireless headset that is delivered through the Cake Starter, one of the products that has managed to get good financing over the past few weeks. This handset can be transformed into three forms, earbuds, , As a sportband, or as a neckband.

You can send a number of commands, including a four-mic, a 10-hour battery, and a headset that can be supplied for 80 seconds. hour.

The price of the headset with its own house is about $ 70, and the project is open until May 1, 2019.
5. Drawing and engraving machine on wood (3D printer)

These machines, called "CNC milling", are known to be expensive and large in size. They are used in plants and factories to form wood or any other metal surface, but this device called LongMill has added ease and low cost to the equation.

You can create and draw multiple shapes and decorations on the wood through this machine, and you can use it as a precision chopping machine to make your own woodwork (see this example). All you have to do is send the design to it. Dimensions.

The price of the product varies by type and package, depending on the priority in the reservation. The price starts at $ 712, and the project is open until April 26.
6. Additional screen for 4K laptop

This screen can expand the field of vision when using the laptop, especially those that come in a relatively small screen, where you can work on both screens at the same time and the division of work space between them, the product comes (C-FORCE) several additions can be ordered during booking.

The price of the product starts at $ 99, increases by additions and timing of booking, and the project is available until 21 April 2019.
7. Motorized programmable robot

Robosen T9 is a robot that transforms between a car and a warrior-like robot in the old cartoon films (Grandizer-Maznagar). The feature is automatic and is programmable via the computer to perform different movements, which can be programmed via graphical interface and icons Anyone can use it without a software background.

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