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Monday, April 22, 2019

Samsung postpones launch of its folding phone in China

Samsung may not be doing well on its latest folding phone. After the problems with its collapsible sample of phones for review, the company announced the postponement of the launch of its Galaxy Fold phone in China, but without any changes so far at the launch date in other countries .

China is the largest phone market in the world and Samsung has been working in any way to re-place the market through innovations such as folding phone, but the Chinese will have to wait more to get the phone and may increase the suffering of the company as other companies launch their phones.

According to the site Engadget, the company does not want to link events that happened to the phone with the auditors to postpone the events of the launch in China. The reason may be different, but the appearance of the delay after the problem has come up with a lot of ink.

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