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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Apple unveils news, games, credit card, on-demand video and more

Apple today held a press conference to unveil a range of new services, including news service, paid magazine browsing, digital and real credit card, video on demand service such as Netflix, paid games, and more.

Apple News

Apple has announced its new news service, which features not only news but also magazines to browse more than 300 different magazines from a wide range of categories. The magazines will be featured on Apple News + through a new tab in the news application called News +

Apple News + is available for a monthly fee of $ 9.99 to allow users to browse all content from magazines and news sites. The service is available to subscribe today with a free trial month.

Apple Card

Later, Tim Cook talked about the Apple Pay payment service, which has so far made over 10 billion payments.

Apple has announced that it will be using the Apple Credit Card as a subscription to the iPhone to get a digital copy of the card within minutes to start using it, which eliminates usage fees, reduced interest rates and enhanced protection.

The Apple Card service is available in every country that supports Apple Bay service - which will reach the end of the year to 40 countries - is accessed from the wallet application and provides tracking features.

A concrete credit card will also be available but will not include the traditional information we see on similar cards such as expiration date, CVV number or signature.

As an encouragement to use the service, Apple announced Daily Cash, which is simply cash back to you with every new spend every day. Apple has set 2% of your total spend back to you if you pay digitally, and you can use this money to buy back products or send it to your friends. If you buy something from Apple, it will refund you 3% of the amount. If you use the real card, it will only give you 1%.

Apple's credit card features no international charges, delay fees or subscription fees.

A card number is created for each device and the number and other PIN numbers are stored in the fingerprint and face protection.

The concrete card will be available in the summer only in the United States.


New statistics about the App Store are being visited by more than 500 million people a week, and more than a billion people have downloaded at least one game from App Store. More than 300,000 games are available at the store.

Apple has announced the service of Arcade, a subscription-driven game service available on smart phones, computers and even living rooms.

The service provides access to and play with more than 100 exclusive games as soon as they are released and you will not see them anywhere else. The games will be available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV and will all be playable without the need for Internet connectivity, do not support multiplayer games, and will not offer paid ads or purchases.

The service will be available in more than 150 countries around the world without revealing the subscription price.

Apple TV App

The Apple TV application received major updates that added support for Hulu and Playstation services and a special section for children-oriented content where their programs and movies are selected manually.

The new update will be available from next May, where it will be available on smart TVs such as LG and Sony and also Rocco and Amazon Fire TV.

Apple TV +

After years of rumors and negotiations, Apple officially announced its on-demand video service Apple TV Plus, where exclusive content will be available for the company. Apple has collaborated with big names in Hollywood from actors and directors such as Steve Spielberg and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey to produce works for its service.

The service will be officially available for subscription in the autumn without revealing its current price.

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